Message from the Founder President

Director Dear Students and parents,
On behalf of the entire School I welcome and congratulate you on becoming a part of SRC family. With the new session underway, it is a fresh start for everybody . It is the time of the year when everybody attached to the School is excited about the new possibilities and prospects they would be encountering this session. Students have their made a transition to the next level in their education and so have their parents in a different context. Every body has taken a step further in life. With every new prospect, we face new challenges and responsibilities. Wth every new achievement the bar or standard is raised a few notches up than the previous one. The world is also racing with time and we all need to match its speed. We are humbled by the sence of responsibility that we have to help shape up the future generation of this country. We are all geared up to fulfill our role and I expect you to do the same at your end as well. We have made significant progress from last session and we are on track to realize our common objectives on which the very foundation of our school stands.
The apparent up-swing in quality of education and infrastructure is very heartening and encouraging . Based on the feedback of the guardians we have adapted some innovative techniques to impart education and further boost the infrastructure. We would continue to do so with the help of your support and feedback in to come as well time. Wishing you all the very best for your future endreavors .

Dr. Brijnath Prasad
London, UK

Message of the Director

Director Dear Students and Parents,
The first year of our tremendous success has motivated all of us to make this new session an even better one. This is what we all should do. Better our past efforts. Change is the only thing in the whole wide universe which is permanent. Sounds ironical, but this is the order of life. Gone are the days when the competition race past us. The rapid changes in the world mean that we should always be a couple of steps ahead to match the pace of life around us. We at SRC believe that the future generation belongs to the global world. They will not be restricted by geographical boundaries are shrinking and the world is coming more close to us every day. Hence it is imperative to groom students so that they are ready to fit in the era of globalization. We can promise you that we will leave no stone unturned towards achieving our goal and making our students true global citizens, This almanac will serve as a bridge in the ‘School-Parent’ relationship and will guide us through this academic session. I advise the students to work hard & smart. Wish you all the success in life.

Nimesh Anand
PGDBM- MBA, MA (Economics Hons.)
IMI- Antwerp, Belgium

Message from the Secretary

Director Dear Parents and Students,
Thank you for your association with us. I welcome you to the start of our new session with the great enthusiasm. Based on the principal of – “Education for all”, we are trying to make ourselves stand out in the horde of Schools. Hard work, dedication, discipline, human resource, ability to innovate and out of box thinking is the key ingredients and recipe for the success of an organization. I am proud to say that we have taken significant strides towards our goal. We have the elements but success is merely a journey and not the destination for us. Our destination is and should always be ‘EXCELLENCE’ and nothing short of that, I advice the students to aim for excellence in whichever walk of life they choose. Be it academics, sports, music etc, the School will be providing all the support in choosing and shaping the child’s future with all its capabilities and experience. This is what we do, hence our motto- “Nurturing the future global citizens”. As a Doctor I take this opportunity to emphasize on the necessity of cleanliness and hygiene further as it effects everybody equally, We should be gifting the values of hygiene and cleanliness to ourselves and to our future generations. We all deserve it and we should not deny us at least this basic right. Let us not make the statement “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body” just a cliché but an integral part of our system. Happy Schooling!

Dr Manish Jindal

Message from the Principal

Director Dear Parents and Students,
In this information age it is hard to sieve knowledge from all kinds information we have at our disposal. Ability to discriminate wisdom/knowledge from information is the need of the hour. A good teacher helps the learner to differentiate good or bad from the flow of information that a child receives.
This is curcial for the holistic growth of the student and determines what kind of human being he or she becomes. Parents play a vital part in realizing our common objectives. A good parent should work in tendam with the system of the school and should give quality time to their child.
The school can only do so much to make him a good human being but the onus lies on the guardians as well to make sure that the teaching learnt in school are implied in the child's day to day life.
With current genration undergoing changes, it is necessary that the school and parents are in complete synchronization with the child's psychology. We have the carnest desire to tap and develop the potential of parents in grooming the student, as the parent is his first teacher. The natural parent-child' bond makes it easier for parent to inculcate the values in their child.

Nadeem Khan
M.Sc. (Double) (Physics Hons)
B.Ed. Calutta university


Director Sri Ram Convent School draws inspiration from the blessing of Sri Ram Niwas Ji and Smt Asharli Devi. It is their dream of heaving an instituite which caters to that part of the society as well, which in dearth of funds are not abel to get that quality of education which is essential to be successful in this age and day. This School is a tribute to them by their son Dr. Baijnath Prasad-President of Sri Ram Convent School.
As pr our President-"education is somthing which should not be limited to only a privileged few but it should cover a broader spectrum of the society irrespective of religion, caste or the financial capacity of the individual".
We take immense pride in being a part of this institution and are committed to the overall objectives and cause of our school.

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